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About us

During COVID 19, iUrban Teen launched the robust online learning program for STEM+Arts education, iUrbanTeen Online.  Teens from across the globe continued to learn in an interactive, engaging and free online experience. iUrbanTeen Online offered a wide variety of educational content, including animation, anthropology, entrepreneurship, science, languages like Spanish, French, or Arabic, biology, math instruction and support, and more. Best of all, our classes were free for everyone.   A highly popular creative and technical writing class, now called The Writing Club, is still going and growing with new members coming on board for the 2023-2024 year.

About iUrbanTeen – iUrbanTeen is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) nationally recognized program dedicated to bringing career focused education to underrepresented teens ages 13 to 18. Youth receive hands-on exposure to a variety of careers and civic engagement that step them outside of their current boundaries. Founder Deena Pierott has been recognized as a White House Champion of Change for Technology Inclusion. The program launched in 2011 and has served more than 13,000 youth. The program has been featured in INC Magazine as one of the top five organizations building the diverse talent pipeline in tech outside of Silicon Valley. iUrban Teen now provides in-person STEM+Arts programs in Oregon, Washington, Dallas & Houston Texas, and Los Angeles, California.  For more information, visit www.iurbanteen.org.

iUrbanTeen Online is an iUrban Teen program, created to solve the need for students needing informational and engaging online content. Learn more about iUrban Teen by visiting our website at www.iurbanteen.org