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This tutoring course will help students who are studying the Japanese language. Bring your homework and get help to strengthen your language skills. We will play Japanese games and do activities that make this fun as we practice sentences, classroom expressions and common words. I can help with spoken and written Japanese.
Presenter: Mikayla Weary
Dates & Times – Students may request specific dates & times. Please contact tavie@iurbanteen.org to request specific dates & times for tutoring sessions.

Mikayla Weary

Mikayla Weary has been part of iUrban Teen since 2016 and joined because of her interests in S.T.E.M and coding. Mikayla has been learning Japanese for 5+ years and has learned this language at the collegiate level since freshman year. She is a senior in high school and continues to study and learn Japanese. Mikayla is also on a step team and loves to be creative! She believes that social justice and art go hand and hand.

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